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Technical Programme Themes & Sub-Topics

The 2019 congress aims to deliver a comprehensive five-day programme centered around eight broad themes.

Crowdsourcing & Big Data Analytics     Cybersecurity & Data Privacy     Innovative Pricing & Travel Demand Management     Intelligent, Connected & Automated Vehicles

Multimodal Transport of People & Goods     Policies, Standards & Harmonisation      Safety for Drivers & Vulnerable Users          Sustainable Smart Cities


 Crowdsourcing & Big Data Analytics

  • Data Sharing and Crowd Sourcing
  • Data Gathering and Fusion Technologies
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Availability, Quality and Visualization of Data
  • Probe Data Collection Technology
  • Innovative Use of Smart Phone for ITS Services
  • Leveraging Social Media for ITS Services
  • Innovative Data Use in ITS Applications
  • Data Analytics for Traffic Monitoring & Management
  • Transport Modelling
  • Challenges In Big Data Management
  • Regulatory Aspects of Data Sharing, Usage & Ownership
  • Business Cases for Open and Big Data

 Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

  • Jamming & Spoofing
  • Defending against cyber attacks
  • Evaluation of Intrusion Detection
  • Critical Cyber Security Threats & Beyond
  • Cyber Security Business Models
  • Cyber Security – Whose Responsibility?
  • Cyber Security in Embedded Systems
  • Blockchain in Transportation
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Security and Privacy Protections Standards

 Innovative Pricing & Travel Demand Management

  • Technologies for Travel Demand Management
  • Managing Demand on Public Transport
  • Smart Parking Management
  • Road Pricing
  • Road Pricing for Freight
  • Effectiveness of Distance Based Charging
  • Technologies for Urban Road Pricing
  • Reliability of GNSS for Positioning & Charging
  • Innovative Use of Road Pricing Infrastructure for other Applications
  • Integrated Transit Ticketing and Payment
  • Pricing Mobility-as-a-Service

 Intelligent, Connected & Automated Vehicles

  • Rich Contextual Maps & Positioning Technology
  • Advanced (including Cooperative) Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Sensors & Perception Methods for Automated Vehicles
  • V2X Communication Technologies and Cooperative Systems
  • Satellite Communications and 5G for Connected Automated Vehicles
  • AI, including Deep Learning Driven Vehicles
  • ITS Infrastructure for Automated Vehicle
  • Connected ITS for Safety, Traffic and Energy Efficiency
  • Connected Automated Vehicle Deployment And Field Operations Tests
  • Modelling & Simulation of a Mixed Non-and Automated Vehicles
  • Standards for Automated and Connected Vehicles
  • Moral and Ethical Dilemmas
  • New Business Opportunities

 Multimodal Transport of People & Goods

  • Multimodal Signal Priority Management
  • Multimodal Travel Information and Planning Services
  • Multimodal Journey Planner
  • Seamless Connections for Land, Sea & Air Travel
  • Car sharing, bicycle sharing and ride sharing
  • Mobility as a Service/Mobility on Demand (MOD)
  • Cooperative ITS Supporting Multimodality
  • Innovations In Bus Vehicle Systems
  • ITS for Rural Transport
  • ITS for Rail Systems
  • ICT for Logistics
  • Tracking and tracing of goods
  • Logistics, Freight & Fleet Management
  • Connected ITS for freight, fleet management and logistics optimisation
  • Encouraging active transport and mode shift
  • Reframing behaviour to enhance travelling experience
  • Incorporating Mobility Trends into Transportation Models
  • Inter-Modal Transportation Modelling

 Policies, Standards & Harmonisation

  • Transport policy and strategy
  • Regulation and enforcement
  • Policy Changes To Connected And Autonomous Vehicles
  • Standardisation and architecture
  • Cooperative ITS and Automated Vehicles Standards
  • Funding strategies and business models
  • Education & Training in ITS
  • Regional And State-wide Integrated ITS Deployments
  • ITS for developing cities & rural communities
  • International and regional cooperation in ITS
  • National Efforts To Plan And Deploy ITS Systems

 Safety for Drivers & Vulnerable Users

  • Implications Of Driver Behaviour On ITS System Performance
  • Driver Behaviour And Cognition Of Signage And Markings
  • Driver Simulation Models
  • Human Machine Interface Design & Evaluation
  • Advanced driver assistance safety systems
  • Preventative and active safety systems
  • Driver Support Systems On Personal Devices
  • Driver Health Monitoring
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • ITS for Intersection Safety
  • Technology and system for safety and enforcement
  • ITS for Emergency
  • Speed advice and restriction
  • Incident and accident management
  • ITS and Safety for Pedestrian, Cyclist & PMDs
  • Improving safety of vulnerable road users
  • Safety for Ageing Travelers

 Sustainable Smart Cities

  • Sustainable Traffic Management Tools
  • Traffic Control and Operations
  • Vehicle Priority Systems
  • Routing Techniques for Smart City
  • Digital Infrastructure & Integrated Transport Systems
  • New services from multi-constellation receivers
  • Future Transport Systems
  • ITS for Sea & Air Transport
  • Sustainability in Transportation
  • Energy, Noise and Environment Impacts
  • Electromobility & EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Mode Shift Strategies for Transit
  • Balancing Freight, Public & Private Vehicles
  • Mobility for Ageing Population
  • Shared Mobility & Shared Automated Vehicles
  • Public Transport Network Planning and Scheduling

*Promgramme themes and sub-topics are accurate as at 26 June 2018.